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Suppository Mold for Suppository Making Machine


Suppository Mold for Suppository Machine

Types of Suppository Dosage Form

The suppository has several shapes and many sizes developed for different usages and various targets. The widely accepted suppository shapes are torpedo shape, duckbill shape, bullet shape(also known as ovula shape, olive shape). The three shapes vary in size.

For human beings using size: 2.2-4.2ml as a popular filing range; suppository medicine for men is relatively bigger than for women. Kids’ dosage is usually smaller than adults.

For veterinary medicine: 2.2-8ml, it depends on the animal body figure. Dosage for cows and horses can be much bigger than for dogs.

We have metal suppository molds to form the buyer’s desirable size and shape. Each set of mold is strictly manufactured upon double confirmed drawing and with the signature of the buyer and seller. The length, width, and depth adjust upon filling capacity. Our mold is of copper material, reliable, and durable. Check out below samples:

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suppository-mold-drawing suppository-images

Suppository Different Samples with Patterns 


Suppository Samples


How to order of suppository mold?   

The important thing to do is to design and confirm the mold drawing. Follow our instruction, this procedure will be quite easy:
a. how much ml filling material you want to fill?
b. what’s the filling material property, show us briefly via photo or video clip.
c. what shape is preferred? by showing us a photo.
d. we start to design, send it to the buyer to check.
e. sign contract, receive payment, start manufacturing, dispatch.

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