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Liquid and Paste Blister Packing Machine for Sale


Liquid and Paste Blister Packing Machine for Sale

Blister Packing Machine for Liquid and Paste Introduction

The Liquid Blister Packing Machine works very similarly to the solid blister packing machine, we did some clever modification so that the machine is suitable for liquid and paste products such as honey syrup ketchup jam jelly and cosmetics and body care product including cream, lotion, shampoo, lipsticks, perfume and etc., It becomes quite popular as a mono dose liquid filling machine or single-dose liquid filling machine. Because consumers like the package that is convenient to carry around and can be finished one time. Also by the elaborate design of package and blister packing shape, the appearance of packed products will be very appealing, has strong competitiveness.

Our blister machine adopts the newest type of high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. The errors and noises of other gear wheel transmission can be avoided. Imported controlling system is adopted; also it can be equipped with detecting and rejection function devices (Omron Sensor) according to the user’s requirement. It adopts imported frequency inverter. The photoelectrical controlling system makes PVC, PTP, Aluminum/Aluminum material to be automatically fed and rim to be cut automatically to guarantee the machine stability and synchronicity. The machine is suitable for industries of food, medicine, medical instruments, hardware, electronics packing.

Let’s take a look at its working video and how liquid filling and sealing process.

Liquid Blister Packaging Demo Video: 


Liquid and Paste Blister Packaging Samples: 


Blister packaging machine working principle: 


Liquid and paste blister packing(blister packaging machine for liquid products) Review: 


Blister Packing Machine Detail


Blister Machine Molds


Other characteristics of small-medium blister packaging machine  

♦ Compact design for small room space requirement; Most used setting value can be input from operation panel such as heating temperature, sealing temperature, filling timing, coding and etc.
♦ The whole blister machine is made of 304 fine stainless steel, conform to cGMP.
♦ Small to Medium Production needs scale: 2000 packs per hour to 9600 packs per hour.
♦ High yield of the good blistering pack: as high as 95-98%.


1#. What’s the lead time for the liquid blister packing machine?
The manufacturing cycle for one set machine is about 30days, but we can dispatch right away if we have any stock, or sometimes we are loaded with production orders, might be a little more days.

2#. How’s your liquid blister machine service?
We have clear photos, videos, and manuals to show to buyers about the installation and operation of the machine. If anything is confusing during operation, the buyer can contact us anytime, we will respond quickly to help to solve the problem. We also provide a 12month warranty.

3#. How is the shipping package and is it possible that buyers install machines by themselves?
The pill blister packing machine is packed in a strong wooden case with strong holding inside to avoid road bumps. For small machines, it will be packed as a whole without taking components apart. For big machines, some parts will be taken off for easy packing. We will provide installation video to show users how to do by themselves.

4#. Can the buyer do factory Inspection?
All clients are welcomed to visit our factory and showroom. Contact us for the appointment. We will arrange to pick up and transportation within your visit.

5#. How to choose a blister machine model?
Email us your requirement and your blister packing need, we will design mold and send you suitable proposals. You are in good hands.

Check out our capsule blister packing machine details; for pharmacy solid dosage packing. 




Liquid and Paste Blister Packaging Machine Parameter