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Capsule Blister Packing Machine


Blister Packaging Machine Sale Promotion 

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging refers to “a packaging method that seals the product between a blister formed of a transparent plastic PVC sheet and a bottom plate (made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, aluminum foil or their composite materials); Here we will focus on capsule blister packaging machine when sometimes the top and bottom sealing materials are hard Alu-Alu. The aluminum/ aluminum blister package is specially developed to get over the barrier properties of aluminum-PVC/plastic blister packaging, more suitable for packaging food, medicine, and health care products of high/strict performance requirements.
The capsule blister packaging was initially invented and promoted by Germany in the late 1950s, to replace the inconvenience of packing tablets/pills/capsule in glass or plastic bottles. The bottle packing is a great investment for the packaging line. And with the increasing demand for small packages of capsules/tablets/pill, the blister-packed capsules are more welcomed than conventional packages.

Pharmaceutical capsule blister packaging samples


What are the advantages of blister packaging?

This kind of capsule/tablet/pill blister packaging format is lightweight and convenient to be carried around. When the consumer takes a short trip for only a couple of days, a blister pack is good enough instead of carrying a whole bottle; And one capsule in one cavity, airtightly sealed to avoid cross-contamination or mixed up with other pills that look similar.
Also, the good sealing performance can prevent moisture, dust, pollution, theft, and damage; the capsule when in bulky sales, there is no need for cushioning materials, reduce packing cost; The user can see the shape and size of the pill/capsule/tablets through the transparent blister. And there is the basic information about product batch number, medicine name, production date on it.
The blister packaging can only be done via blistering packaging machine which reduces the worker’s mal-practice or mistake caused by human factors. According to the automation level, the blister packaging machine can be classed as semi-automatic and full-automatic.

Blister Packaging Machine Introduction: 

Blister Packing Machine is a device to make products into a blister pack. The blister pack is several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, foods, and pharmaceuticals such as tablet blister pack, pill blister pack, capsule blister packing, and soft gel capsule blister pack. The primary component of a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a formable web, usually a thermoformed plastic. This usually has a backing of paperboard or a lidding seal of aluminum foil or plastic. Here we mainly present our capsule blister packing machines used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Joysun capsule blister packing machine is widely used in hospital dosage room, laboratory institute, health care product, middle-small pharmacy factory. Our blister sealing machine is of compact design only needing a small room space; easy operation by only pressing buttons is enough; PVC board length convenient adjusting; stable working performance and long service life.

Tablet pill capsule blister packaging machine demo video


Blister packing machine structure

Take our 250 type capsule blister packing machine for reference.


Machine Frame
The machine frame is formed by two parts of the welded chassis and the vertical frame. An electrical control cabinet is installed at the rear side of the machine frame. Its main function is to support the various functional parts of the blister packing machine so that it is firmly combined and works reliably.

PVC Storage
The PVC storage on the capsule blister packing machine is composed of the bearing shaft, cone disk sleeve, main support plate, and brake mechanism. The main function is to store the PVC plastic sheet. When PVC enters the traction state, the brake mechanism is relaxed, and when the traction stops, the brake mechanism is pressed tightly to prevent the bearing shaft from rotating by itself.

PVC Preheating
The preheating mechanism is composed of upper and lower electric heating plates, cylinders, and their supporting components. The upper heating plate can be lifted manually. Its main function is to preheat PVC materials before forming into a blister pack. After the power is turned on, the machine enters the preparation working state. At this time, the upper preheating plate is pulled down by the cylinder (the fixed position of the lower preheating plate is unchanged). Under manual mode, press the three buttons for upper heating, lower heating, and hot sealing, the electric heating board starts to heat). Adjust the preset temperature value. The upper and lower heating boards are energized to start heating. Thermocouples and the temperature controller together to control and show the temperature data within a certain range; When the machine stops during operation (in an automatic working state), the upper preheating plate is automatically raised to protect the PVC plastic sheet from deformation due to long-term heating.


Blister Forming
Driven by the cam, the forming lower mold moves up and compresses the PVC with the upper mold (the upper side is fixed, not moving). At this time, the air valve opens, and the purified compressed air enters the mold cavity from the upper mold air passage, blowing air to shape the PVC film.

Blister Pack Breaking Detection Mechanism (Special requirement)
If the blister pack is damaged, compressed air will pass through it, turning the detection switch on. Otherwise, the switch will not turn on. After the detection is completed, the lower mold moves down to separate from the blister pack. The blister pack pushes the airbag and depresses the electric switch to make the switch turn on and send out a signal.

Blister Convey Plate
The main function of the blister conveys plate is to support the PVC formed blister pack, adjust it to move along the prescribed track. The position of the blister conveys plate is adjusted according to the size and the shape of the capsule blister package.

Capsule Feeder
The capsule feeder is used to fill capsule, pill, tablet, softgel, and other materials. The structure can be determined according to the filled item.PTP Aluminum Foil Roller PTP aluminum foil roller is composed of roller mandrel, roller, support, and roller adjustment handle. Its function is to turn and straighten the PTP aluminum foil into the hot sealing mold; to make it synchronized with the PVC film. PTP compression and tilting degree can be adjusted by the handles on both sides.


Blister Heat Sealing Mechanism
The blistering heat sealing mechanism is composed of a cam box, a vertical column, and a sliding sleeve, a heat sealing lower mold base, a heat sealing lower mold, an upper mold (reticulated board), steel characters, an upper mold electric heating plate, and a cover plate. The working principle is the same as the forming mechanism. The main function is to cover the filled blister pack with aluminum foil and flatten, hot seal it. At the same time, the batch number is printed in steel characters at the prescribed position of the drug board.

Lot Number Printing Mechanism (Special Requirement)
It is composed of a cam box, vertical column, sliding sleeve, steel characters fixed seat (upper mold), positioning plate (lower mold), and steel characters. It is suitable for the requirements of the cold-printing batch number on the capsule blistering board.

Photoelectric Tracking Pattern Printing Switch (Special requirement)
The photoelectric sensor is used to detect the position of the color mark printed on the aluminum foil; then an electrical signal is sent to control the length of the capsule blistering within an allowed range; this can make sure the pattern or logos or characters on AL film is evenly printed.

PTP Aluminum Foil Storage and Unwinding Mechanism
The PTP aluminum foil storage and unwinding mechanism are mainly composed of the main support plate, the bearing shaft, the cone disc sleeve, the brake mechanism, the swing balancing roller and the winding roller. It is used to store aluminum foil and straighten it into the heat-sealed part to ensure no wrinkles after sealing. The working principle is as follows: pulling the sealed PVC while pulling the aluminum foil at the same time; the swinging balance roller is lifted, the brake wheel rotates, the brake belt is relaxed, the traction action is completed; The aluminum foil stops pulling. The swinging balance roller swings downwards under the impact of gravity. The front end of the aluminum foil is straightened, the rear end of aluminum foil is pulled, and the bearing shaft is rotated (easy to release film). At this time, the brake belt is gradually tightened. Under the impact of friction to stop the bearing shaft (no release of the film). Repeat and cycle to complete the storage and unwinding of PTP aluminum foil.

Blister Pack/ Blister Board/ Blister Stripe Punching Mechanism
The blister pack/ blister board/ blister stripe punching mechanism is mainly composed of an eccentric wheel, a connecting rod, a lower mold, bracket, a lower die, an upper mold, a pressure plate, a vertical column, a cover plate, a medicine board bracket, and a medicine board cylinder and the medicine board positioning mechanism. Its main function is to punch and cut the blister pack/ blister board/ blister stripe and send it to the prescribed location.

Capsule, Tablet, Pill Blister Packaging Machine Review:


Models we have for capsule blister packaging machines. 

For small to medium size of flat blister machines, we have four models like DPP80, DPP110, DPP150, and DPP250. The word ‘Y’ at the end of each model means this machine is designed for liquid blisterpacking(blister packaging machine for liquid)on which the user can fill perfume, vegetable oil jelly, jam, sauce, syrup, and similar liquid products. So if you are interested, feel free to inquiry.


Characteristics of Joysun small-medium blister packaging machine  

♦ Compact design for small room space requirement; Most used setting value can be input from operation panel such as heating temperature, sealing temperature, filling timing, coding and etc.
♦ The whole blister machine is made of 304 fine stainless steel, conform to cGMP.
♦ Small to Medium Production needs scale: 2000 packs per hour to 9600 packs per hour.
♦ High yield of the good blistering pack: as high as 95-98%.

How to choose a suitable blister packing machine for your softgel capsule, pill, tablet?   

Though the blister packing machine works the same for capsule, pill, and tablet, there are several aspects that related to the packing appearance of the blister board, which is important yet quite new to the buyers.
M1. Figure out the blister packing output.
It is obvious that to decide a pill blister packing machine firstly is have a look at the blister machine speed. For example, the model DPP-80 is with 1980 strips per hour. Let’s assume a blister pack is 12pcs, so the packing speed one hour is about 1980*12=23760pcs. The buyer can match this data with his production plan.

M2. Decide your softgel, capsule, pill, or tablet size shape and size and Finalize your blister board size and layout.
The size and shape of grains that needed to be packed matters greatly to the length and width of the blister pack. And it will influence the layout(row*column) of the pack. For instance, a pack of 12pcs can have 3*4 and 2*6 layouts. Our designer will combine this information with machine mold limitation to draft up drawings for the buyer to choose from. We not only consider the size but also the consumption of PVC or ALU film because the width of one film roll is the same.

M3. Choose the material of your capsule blister board.
Our blister packing machine can either hot seal PVC material and Alu material, but before manufacturing, the buyer need to clarify which one is preferred. Once the machine is made, it cannot change. Generally, the Alu blister packing machine price is higher than the PVC blister packaging machine.


M4. Design the pattern or logo of the PVC film.
The film design and packing influence the appearance of the product and will give the first expression of the buyer’s product. So we suggest the buyer design carefully. Then what does this have to do with the pill blister packing machine?

Our packaging machine can either made standard type or manufactured with photoelectric tracking printing function. Take a look at the below photo.



1#. What’s the lead time for the capsule blister packaging machine?
The manufacturing cycle for one set machine is about 30days, but we can dispatch right away if we have any stock, or sometimes we are loaded with production orders, might be a little more days.

2#. How’s your tablet blister packaging machine service
We have clear photos, videos, and manuals to show to buyers about the installation and operation of the machine. If anything is confusing during operation, the buyer can contact us anytime, we will respond quickly to help to solve the problem. We also provide a 12month warranty.

3#. How is the shipping package and is it possible that buyers install machines by themselves?
The pill blister packing machine is packed in a strong wooden case with strong holding inside to avoid road bumps. For small machines, it will be packed as a whole without taking components apart. For big machines, some parts will be taken off for easy packing. We will provide installation video to show users how to do by themselves.

4#. Can the buyer do factory Inspection?
All clients are welcomed to visit our factory and showroom. Contact us for the appointment. We will arrange to pick up and transportation within your visit.

Important Tips:

Many buyers mix up the blister packing machine with strip packing machine, and even some trading agency can not clearly tell them apart. So let’s take a look at the below picture. The upper one is made by blister packing and sealing machine; the lower one is from the strip packaging machine. Or we can also say, capsule blister machine can work with hard aluminum packing and aluminum plastic packing; while the strip pack machine can do with soft Alu foil only.


Liquid and paste blister packing(blister packaging machine for liquid products. 

Blister packaging machine of liquid and paste samples
We have two models for liquid packing and blistering, DPP-80Y and DPP-150Y, welcome to contact for detail. 


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Factory Site and Blister Packaging Machine photos 


Troubleshooting for capsule blister packing machine

1# Situation:
Poorly formed blister pack

1# Possible Cause:
The blister packing machine working area is not suitable; Heating area temperature is not stable, overheating, or not enough; Cooling water with excessive flow takes away too much heat; Air regulator core might be blocked; Air blow timing is not right; Poor quality of PVC material;

1# Possible Solutions:
Reduce ventilation, equipment should be placed in the purification workshop. Appropriate adjustment of equipment control temperature. Adjust the pressure of the filter pressure reducing valve, generally 0.6~0.8Mpa. Adjust the water valve to control the water flow (the flow should be small if the blister is not deformed). Clean or replace the filter element. Use a steel needle to clear the blockage. Adjust the blowing time. Replace PVC plastics that meet the requirements. When the forming die moves to the top dead center, slowly reverse the lock nut.

2# Situation:
The operation is not synchronized; the blister pack cannot accurately enter the hot sealing mold.

2# Possible Cause
There is a distance deviation between the blister forming mold and the hot sealing mold; The photoelectric switch on the drive shaft is not placed correctly; Uneven air pressure; Poor cooling of blister forming mold and hot sealing mold; There is a blockage between the blister forming mold and hot sealing mold; The PVC holding shaft not rotates rightly. Over-temperature of the hot sealing mold; Inaccurate movement of the robot.

2# Possible Solutions
Adjust the distance between the blister forming mold and the hot sealing mold; Adjust photoelectric switch position; Adjust air pressure; Increase cooling water flow moderately; Clear blockage; Clean or replace the bearing shaft bearing; Lower the hot sealing temperature; Adjust the moving stroke of the manipulator. Increase cooling water flow moderately; Clear blocked card.

3# Situation:
PVC sheet travel offset.

3# Possible Cause
The PVC holding shaft position is not correct; The axis of the air clamp of the manipulator is not parallel to the centerline of the track.

3# Possible Solutions
Adjust the center of the PVC shaft to the center of the track; Adjust the running track of the manipulator air clamp.

4# Situation:
Poor hot seal

4# Possible Cause
Insufficient pressure; Reticulated board has dirt; Deformation of heat-sealed lower mold; Uneven gel layer of aluminum foil; Heat sealing temperature is too low; The position of forming mold and heat sealing mold is not centered.

4# Possible Solutions:
Increase the pressure for lock nut; Clean the reticulated board with a brush. Replace the aluminum foil. Adjust the heat sealing temperature; Adjust the installation position of the adapter roller. Adjust the position of the heat sealing mold.


Capsule Blister Packaging Machine Model and Capacity Parameter