Liquid Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine-The Buying Guidance

How to Choose a Good Liquid Capsule Filling Machine?

How to buy a good liquid capsule filling and sealing machine? The liquid capsule market becomes more and more popular in recent years. To fill liquid into a hard capsule is a new type of dosage to overcome the shortcomings of the powder capsule. The liquid is known to have a quicker release and easier absorption.

Joysun gets many inquiries about liquid capsule filling machines, but apparently, most of the buyers are not professional purchasers. They don’t know what parts are important on the capsule filling machine and what the difference among the suppliers.

First of all, as a filling machine, the filling part is of course crucial.
Joysun liquid capsule filling machine uses the most recognized filling pumps on the machine: High Precision Ceramic Pump. This type of liquid filling pumps are much better in the following aspects:
♣High precision and more accurate, less filling difference.
♣High tech ceramics, sanitary degree.
♣Hardness is higher than stainless steel pump coatings, so has a longer service life.
♣the assembly and disassembly are easy, so low maintenance cost.
Those advantages are outstanding, which piston filling pump and peristaltic pump cannot compare.
Joysun machine adopts a high-precision ceramic pump and a servo motor dosing system to control the difference in liquid material loading in the capsule to about ±2%.


Do you need to buy the capsule sealing and banding machine?
The answer is YES. Liquid capsule banding machine matters greatly. Most buyers just focus on the liquid capsule filler parts, neglect the sealing machine. This is not so considerate. Nobody will buy a liquid capsule in the left photo. A poor capsule sealing machine applies a poor seal onto the middle of the capsule. It is uneven, sometimes thicker, sometimes too thin. It also influences the drying time. When the capsule is not properly sealed, it will probably leak during storage. Then the factory will face complaining and product return requests. While a good liquid capsule sealing machine must make a consistent gelatin ribbon on the capsule, same thickness, and the same width. So that all capsules from one batch are of stable quality. The layer of the gelatin ribbon should not be too much or too less. Too thick gelatin sealing slows down the drying process and makes the capsule not appealing; too thin will affect the sealing result.


Joysun introduces the 3rd generation capsule sealing machine that updated and improved upon former ones. It has a horizontal driving way to seal the liquid capsule but a vertical driving system during liquid capsule drying. Such a design can speed up the drying process greatly and save drying time.


Currently, There Are 2 Ways to Use Liquid Capsule Sealing Machine.

  1. The user can buy 2 machines: one liquid capsule filler and one capsule banding machine. So there are 2 separate machines. after the capsule filled, the worker should reload the filled liquid capsule onto the banding machine manually.
  2. The user buys 1 joint line: The line combines liquid capsule filler and capsule banding machine into one as a whole line. There is no need for manual transfer of capsules.
  3. Then how to choose? With enough budget, strongly suggest buying the liquid capsule filling and sealing machine as a joint line. But if buyers have a tight budget, they can start with the separated liquid filling machine and sealing machine first.

What’re the types of capsules used on the liquid filling machine?
For the capsule filling machine itself, both gelatin and vegetarian capsules are suitable for this machine. Vegetable capsule/ HPMC capsule is easier to dry during capsule sealing and drying process. When the buyer uses gelatin capsules, then the sealing strip should be gelatin material too. When the buyer uses vegetable capsules, so does the sealing strip material.

Liquid Capsule Filling Machine Demo Video

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