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Liquid Capsule Banding Machine


Liquid Capsule Banding Machine


Liquid Capsule Sealing Machine Overview
After the liquid capsule come out from the liquid capsule filling machine, it must go through the liquid capsule banding machine to make sure there will be no leakage during the packaging, storage, and transportation of liquid capsules. Our JSF-600LB liquid-filled hard capsule banding machine is particular for this sealing purpose. This machine can be connected with a capsule filling machine directly and its functions can be controlled from one same electric cabinet. By sealing the liquid capsule can effectively prevent volatile substances contained inside, increase the shelf life of the capsules, also enhancing the stability of capsules and medication safety. At the same time, it is also the safety of the pharmaceutical enterprises and health-care products enterprises in terms of durability. It shows the beauty of the products through the sealing and packaging to achieve the delicate and gorgeous results.



Sealed V.S. non-sealed liquid capsules; Good V.S. poor sealed liquid capsules



Liquid Capsule Filling and Banding Machine Working Video

Liquid Capsule Banding Machine Structure and Layout
Let’s take a look at the size and layout of the liquid capsule sealing machine so as to prepare enough room for installation and operation.


Capsule Separation→ Capsule Direction→ Capsule transferring→ Capsule sealing→ Capsule rejecting→ Rejected collecting→Capsule Drying→ Finished product discharge→ Operation Panel

Capsule Banding Machine Dimension

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:
Liquid Capsule Filling Machine:


Capsule Sealing Machine Parameter