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Capsule Mold and Toolings


Capsule Mold and Toolings for Capsule Filling Machine 

One full set capsule mold includes below items.
Capsule disc
Pin disc
Capsule sorting plate
Capsule feeding fork
Capsule feeding plate
Regulating bar


Things that matter during replacement and installation of new capsule mold.
To change the capsule mold on a capsule filling machine, follow these general steps:

Turned off the machine and unplugg if for safety.
Remove any capsules or remnants from the current mold.
Locate the fasteners that hold the mold in place. These can vary depending on the machine design but are typically bolts, screws, or clips.
Loosen and remove the fasteners to detach the current mold from the machine. Keep track of the fasteners so you can reattach the new mold later.
Carefully lift the old mold out of the machine, taking note of its orientation and alignment.
Place the new mold into the machine, aligning it properly based on the markings or guides provided.
Securely fasten the new mold in place using the same fasteners you removed earlier. Appropriate tightness is required, but not overly tightened to avoid damage.
Double-check the alignment and positioning of the new mold to ensure it is properly seated in the capsule filling machine.
Once you are confident that the new mold is correctly installed, plug in the machine and turn it on.
Test the machine with a small batch of capsules to ensure a correct filling. Make any necessary adjustments if needed.
It’s important to note that specific capsule filling machines may have variations in their design and procedures. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when changing the capsule mold on your particular machine to ensure proper and safe operation.
We can provide various capsule molds for different sizes of empty capsule and for different brands and models of capsule filling machines either automatic or semi-automatic. The capsule filling molds for capsule size 00#-4# are available for customization.