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Capsule Filling Machine Mold and Spare Parts


Capsule Filling Machine Mold and Spare Parts

Capsule Filling Mold for capsule size 00#-4# is available for customization.
The packing list for semi-automatic capsule filling machine mold shows what contains in a full set of mold.
The replacement of mold sets is quite easy, taking less than 10 minutes to finish even for beginners.
Capsule disc
Pin disc
Capsule sorting plate
Capsule feeding fork
Capsule feeding plate
Regulating bar

Capsule Machine Mold Supplier-Factory Provider


The semi-auto capsule filling machine combines electrical and pneumatic control, equipped with an automatic electronic counter and a computer-controlled speed adjustment device, it can complete the positioning, separation, and locking of the capsule.

Instead of filling the capsule manually, this capsule filler reduces labor intensity and improves improvement. Its filling volume is accurate and meets pharmaceutical hygiene standards.

Semi capsule filling machine is composed of capsule feeding, U-turn separation mechanism, powder filling, locking, electronic variable speed adjustment components.  Also the electrical and pneumatic control system protection devices, vacuum pumps, air pumps, and other accessories.


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