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Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine| Horizontal Cap Locking


Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine| Horizontal Cap Locking

A semi-automatic capsule filler, also known as a semi-automatic capsule filling machine, is to fill empty capsules with powdered or granulated substances. It is a semi-automated version of a capsule filling machine.

The semi-automatic capsule filler consists of several components. It includes a capsule loading station where empty capsules are manually loaded into the machine. The capsules are typically separated and oriented in an upright position for filling.

Next, the machine moves to the filling station where the powdered or granulated substance is dispensed into the capsules. This process is done by a semi-automated filling mechanism that accurately measures and fills the capsules.

Once the capsules are filled, the machine advances to the capsule locking station. At this stage, the filled capsule halves are joined and sealed together, typically through a mechanical or manual process.

Semi-automatic capsule fillers are beneficial for small to medium-scale production or when frequent changeovers between different capsule sizes or formulations are required. They provide a balance between manual and automated processes, allowing for increased production efficiency while retaining operator control and flexibility.

It’s important to note that semi-automatic capsule fillers require operator involvement for tasks such as capsule loading, monitoring the filling process, and ensuring proper closure. They are commonly used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, and research laboratories for small-scale capsule production.