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Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


Semi-Auto Capsule Filler Demo Video

How does a semi-automatic capsule filling machine work?
The semi-auto capsule filling machine is suitable for capsules 000# to 5#. It is much faster than a manual capsule filler and is much less cost than the automatic capsule filling machine.  The semi-automatic capsule filler is a good choice for small to mid-scale capsule production factories.
The semi-automatic capsule machine is a new type of medical machine with a novel structure and a nice appearance. The machine is equipped with electrical and pneumatic control, capsule counting device, and speed control device, which can complete the capsule separation, powder filling, capsule locking, and discharging. Instead of manual filling, the new machine can reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and filling dose accurately. It is in line with pharmaceutical requirements.
This cap filler machine is composed of a delivery and dispensing mechanism, medicine filling mechanism, locking mechanism, frequency control mechanism, pneumatic control and electrical control system, protection device, and other components as well as vacuum pump and air pump accessories. Though it is a semi-automatic capsule pill filler, it can reach a product pass rate of 98%.

There are three models of semi-automatic capsule filling machines for users to choose from.  
Vertical Locking Capsule Filling Machine of Digital Operation Panel

A vertical capsule locking working station, controlled by switch and button operation panel

semi-auto-capsule-filling-machine-with-touch-screenHorizontal Locking Capsule Filling Machine of Touch Screen
A horizontal capsule locking working system, controlled by a touch screen

semi-automatic-capsule-filling-machine-of-dual-loading-systemDouble Loading System Capsule Filling Machine of Touch Screen

A double capsule loading system, controlled by a touch screen

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Parts 

capsule-filling-machine-structure-11.Powder Hopper: loading filling powder in this hopper;
2.Horizontal capsule locker: capsule after filled, the cap and body will be locked under this mechanism;
3.Capsule Hopper: loading empty capsule in this place;(non-split empty capsule)
4.Air pipe: the locking system is finished with the help of a pneumatic force.
5. Observation window: to check the capsule amount inside the hopper; when the capsule cannot be seen from this window, it should be re-filled in time, to avoid not enough capsule inserted into the mold.
6.Touch screen: keep a recording of capsule number and ease operation.
7.Emergency stop switch: Slap on it whenever there is an abnormal situation happening.
8.Mold: for capsule holding, separation and locking;
9.Capsule locker switch: Press on this button when it’s about to lock; ease and no sweat.
10. Filling switch: it is for powder filling;
11.Products outlet: filled and locked capsules fall out of the machine from here.
12.Vacuum pump: auxiliary equipment
13.Caster: the machine can be moved around.

Capsule Filling Machine Mold 

Semi-Automatic Capsule Machine Parts Detail
When you need the filling machine to run during testing debugging or maintenance, there is no need to unload gel capsules, only by unplugging the knob, capsules will stop falling down. This can cut capsule wastage and reduce capsule unloading time. Very effective and practical. Good quality 304 stainless steel as manufacturing, precise cutting processed and fine polished, conform to GMP. The Capsule drops down perfectly vertical to ground level, going mold easily and reducing capsule blocking phenomena. Spare parts to make machine easy calibration even under frequent installation and disassemble.

What Gel Capsule Sizes Our Capsule Filler Can Fill?

gel-capsule-sizesThe standard gelatin empty capsule comes mostly in the above sizes and filling quantities.
We can either customize capsule filling mold to the common size range from 000#, 00#, 0# 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# gel capsules; or buyers send us empty capsule samples, we make parts according to the real material.
The main shell material is gelatin and veggie material.

Facts to consider before buying a capsule filler
a. How many sets needed? Our MOQ is one set. More quantity comes with a discount.
b. What’s the size of your capsule?
c. What’s your material to be filled?
d. What’s your factory voltage system? e.g. China is 380v/50hz/3phase/5wires for industrial power system;  220v/50hz/single phase for household usage.
e. Any special requirements?


1.What price for semi-auto capsule filling equipment?
Well, the price differs in several factors: capsule filling speed, operation panel types whether button type or touch screens, electric components brands. We can make capsule machines upon the buyer’s budget. But for semi-auto capsule filler price ranges from six thousand to nine thousand us dollars.

2. How to use the gel capsule filler machine?
It is very easy, by our installation and operation videos, no need engineer onsite guide, buyers can quickly master the capsule filling process and know how to use, how to adjust, spare parts change, machine cleaning, and maintenance.

3. Can I use this one filling machine to make various gel capsule sizes?
Yes, you can. Only changing the mold is sufficient to do this. As mentioned in the above TABLE, our machine can make different capsules. Buyers can order as many molds as they need.

4. Where to get spare parts for replacement if filling machine parts wear out?
You can contact us directly, we keep a constant stock of regular spare parts and quick-wear ones. We promise to provide spare parts at favored prices as long as you are using our machine.

5. Where to buy this machine?
Email us directly, providing us your detailed purchasing info. we will check out factory stock, manufacturing time, shipping time, shipping cost and offer our filling machine proposals. And you are very welcomed to visit our factory.

6. How to pay?
You can either T/T to our company account or via credit card, or cash. We will arrange dispatch as long as the receipt of payment.

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine Technical Data as General
1. Capsule mold change time: 5-8 minutes for beginners;

2. Filling Output: 10,000-2,5000caps per hour(depends on the size of gel capsules);
3. Applicable Capsule: 00# 、0#、1#、2#、3#、4#、5# and customized ones;
4. Applicable Powder: non-sticky powder and non-sticky small granule;
5. Power: semi-auto machine power consumption ranging from 2kw-3kw per hour.
6. Compressed Air: 0.03m3/min 0.7Mpa; air compressor can be prepared by buyers themselves, or buy from us.
7. Vacuum Degree: air sucking capacity 40m3/h; vacuum pump can order from us or source by users.
8. Shipping Package Appox: 1.8×0.8×1.75mm
9. Shipping Gross Weight:  400-500kg
10. Our machine can not only fill powder but also suits small grain and small particles into empty capsules. The material should not be wet or sticky.

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