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Dual Feeder Capsule Filling Machine|Double Speed Faster


Dual Feeder Capsule Filling Machine

Dual Feeder Capsule Filling Machine Instruction
A semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a device to fill empty capsules with powders or granules in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It is a partly automated machine that assists in the capsule filling process by simplifying and speeding up the task.
The operator typically places empty capsules into the machine’s hopper, fills the capsules with the desired substance automatically, and then removes the filled capsules from the machine. It offers a middle ground between manual capsule filling and fully automatic machines, providing increased efficiency and accuracy compared to manual methods while requiring some operator involvement.

Double Loading System Capsule Filling Machine of Touch Screen


Powder Hopper: loading filling powder in this hopper;
Horizontal capsule locker: capsule after filled, the cap and body will be locked under this mechanism;
Capsule Hopper: loading empty capsule in this place;(non-split empty capsule)
Air pipe: the locking system is finished with the help of a pneumatic force.
Observation window: to check the capsule amount inside the hopper; when the capsule cannot be seen from this window, it should be re-filled in time, to avoid not enough capsule inserted into the mold.
Touch screen: keep a recording of capsule number and ease of operation.
Emergency stop switch: Slap on it whenever there is an abnormal situation happening.
Mold: for capsule holding, separation and locking;
Capsule locker switch: Press on this button when it’s about to lock; ease and no sweat.
Filling switch: it is for powder filling;
Products outlet: filled and locked capsules fall out of the machine from here.
Vacuum pump: auxiliary equipment
Caster: the machine can be moved around.