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Ultra Fast Capsule Filling Machine Fully Automatic


Automatic Ultra-Fast Capsule Filling Machine

Fast Speed Capsule Filling Machine
Joysun ultra-fast capsule filling machine works at 22,8000caps per hour. It has automatic functions such as capsule feeding, capsule body-cap separating, powder filling, non-filled capsule rejecting, capsule auto-locking, closing, gel capsule discharging. One of the popular types is for the usage of capsule mass production. Check out other capsule filler: Liquid Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine.


3800 Capsule Filler Innovations and Features
This model is improved upon other basic capsule filler so that the machine is more stable working under fast and continuous filling.  Innovation parts include capsule filling turntable, capsule outlet structure, the capsule sorting. Those updates significantly increase the operation efficiency, achieving a capsule separating rate of 99.99% and a qualified rate of the finished capsule to 99.8%. The new machine is easier to maintain and operate, being well received by customers at home and abroad.

Machine Features:
1. The gel capsule filling machine separates the cap and body automatically and locking the capsule after filled is also auto.

2. The inching control system makes it easy and convenient for machine cleaning, loading and unloading of upper and lower dies.
3. Transparent cover control provides worker operation safety. Once the gate is open, the machine stops working immediately.
4. Lack of empty capsule, pellet or powder will activate alarms, meanwhile, the filling machine stops.
5. The HMI integrates multiple functions, including counting, displaying and printing. 
6. Two layers of sealing is adopted. The first sealing is Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) to prevent lubrication from losing, and the second sealing uses imported silicone rubber sealing ring (SIL) to prevent powder from entering bearings. This has effectively solved the problem of bearing damage and shaft jamming because of powder leakage.
7. Good quality PTFE oil-free bearings are sealed with imported silicone rubber sealing ring (SIL) . It well prevents powder from entering the inside chamber of the turntable. Ensures running accuracy of the turntable without maintenance and add lubrication permanently.
8. The high precision cam splitter uses the optical dividing head of German Zeiss. The dividing spindle is machined in the CNC. The accuracy of dosage during the filling process. Higher precision of cam splitter also provides the machine longer service life.

Capsule Filling Machine-Ultra Fast Model Demo Video

What does a capsule filling machine set include?

This fast capsule filling device should be used best with some auxiliary equipment such as vacuum pump, dedust, capsule polishing and sorting machine. Because the machine is a high speed, so manual working will not be able to catch up with the filing capacity. Users can have an auto powder loader and an auto empty capsule loader as well to make the production continuously without stopping.


We hereto make the following quality guarantee to our automatic capsule filling machine: 

1. The overall filling machine has strictly followed our company’s quality standard, as well as met the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Automatic Capsule Filling Machine JB20025-2004.
2. The machine has passed the inspection of the Zhejiang Packaging Machinery Product Quality Inspection Center, meeting all the requirements for passing the inspection.
3. Strictly follows the IS09001 International Quality Certification System, meeting the requirements of GMP certification.
4. The gel capsule filling and the locking mechanism is produced by our company, passes the acceptance check of FAT, and completely meets the standards of the user requirement specification. (URS)

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