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Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine| Vertical Cap Locking


Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine| Vertical Cap Locking

How does a semi-automatic capsule filling machine work?
The semi-auto capsule filling machine is suitable for capsules 000# to 5#. It is much faster than a manual capsule filler and is much less cost than the automatic capsule filling machine.  The semi-automatic capsule filler is a good choice for small to mid-scale capsule production factories.
The semi-automatic capsule machine is a new type of medical machine with a novel structure and a nice appearance. The machine is equipped with electrical and pneumatic control, capsule counting device, and speed control device, which can complete the capsule separation, powder filling, capsule locking, and discharging. Instead of manual filling, the new machine can reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and filling dose accurately. It is in line with pharmaceutical requirements.
This cap filler machine is composed of a delivery and dispensing mechanism, medicine filling mechanism, locking mechanism, frequency control mechanism, pneumatic control and electrical control system, protection device, and other components as well as vacuum pump and air pump accessories. Though it is a semi-automatic capsule pill filler, it can reach a product pass rate of 98%.

Vertical Locking Capsule Filling Machine of Digital Operation Panel
A vertical capsule locking working station, controlled by switch and button operation panel