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Suppository Making Machine Model& Capacity


Suppository Making Machine Model& Capacity


Suppository Making Machine 

To cater to different production needs, we have a series of different filling speeds and capacities of suppository making machines including 1 filling head, 2 filling heads, 3 filling nozzles, 7-10pcs per time filling; Or even larger production capacity can be customized upon buyer’s requirement.  And considering the operation room for this suppository production line, we can design the suppository machine set in a straight-line layout, ‘L-shape’ layout and ‘U-shape’ layout. Our company meets market demand of different high, medium and low production capacity, filling volume precision. We have strict quality control, to provide customers with superior performance, quality, excellent suppository filling and sealing machines. We have high-quality technical personnel, have a high-quality working team, can provide perfect after-sales service to customers in time; strong technical strength as the backup is committed to new product design, innovation, development, promotion, dedicated to the most excellent quality, meet the needs of customers.

Suppository Samples


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Suppository Filling and Sealing Machine Models and Parameter 


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