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XGB Vacuum Dust Collector|for Capsule Tablet Dedusting


XGB Vacuum Dust Collector|for Capsule Tablet Dedusting

Vacuum Dust Collector Description

Vacuum dust collector is mainly used for vacuuming equipment and environments that easily generate dust in industrial production. This machine can be used for tablet presses, granulators, crushers, tablet counting machines, and capsule polishing machines in the pharmaceutical industry. This machine is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance. It will not pollute the inhaled materials. Therefore, most of the inhaled materials can be recycled and comply with GMP requirements. And it adopts noise reduction device to greatly reduce the generation of noise. Applicable industries: pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health care products industry, electronic battery industry, chemical industry, metallurgical ceramic industry, etc.

Vacuum Dust Collector Feature

  • The vacuum dust collector is powered by a three-phase industrial high-pressure fan, which has high suction power, low noise, no vibration, and long-term operation;
  • The dust cleaning method is back blowing, which extends the service life of the filter cartridge;
  • The filter element uses a polyurethane-coated filter element to isolate particulate matter;
  • Equipped with a vacuum gauge, which can monitor the air pressure inside the fuselage;
  • The base of the fuselage is equipped with universal wheels that can rotate and brake in 360° directions;
  • The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the overall structure is beautiful and durable, and the push is light and convenient;
  • Equipped with a pressure relief valve, safety is guaranteed during use.

Vacuum Dust Collector Parameter

Power 2200W
Voltage 3P/220V,380V    1P/220V,380V   50Hz/60Hz
Vacuum 27Kpa
Airflow 230M³/h
Cleaning mode Manual backblowing
Filter area 2.3m²
Filter accuracy 3μm
Noise 69Db
Suction nozzle diameter 50mm
Net weight 66kg
Gross weight 88kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 93cmx49cmx96cm
Package size (L*W*H) 97cmx51cmx107cm
Air cargo outsourcing size 97cmx51cmx107cm