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Anti-Sticking Powder Sprayer for Effervescent Tablet


Anti-Sticking Powder Sprayer for Effervescent Tablet

Purpose of Anti-Sticking Powder Sprayer
This powder sprayer is used to spay the anti-sticking powder, like magnesium, onto the punch heads (both upper and lower punch heads), forming a very thin powder film on the punch head surface which will prevent the sticking material like sugar, effervescent material, and catalytic material from sticking onto the punches. Add the magnesium powder into the tablet press hopper. The powder inside the hopper blending and transferring to apply a thin film on the surface of punches. So this device is not necessarily for all kinds of tablets.


Features at a quick glance  
1. The spray speed and sprayed powder quantity is ok to adjust.
2. Easy to operation and compatible with different tablet press machines.
3. Different spray nozzles can set up upon tablet press machine models.
4. The spray head has two slots through which the powder can be sprayed onto the punch head, and the extra powder will be collected by the vacuum dedust.
5.The parts that contact with the material is 316L stainless steel, and the non-metal parts are white POM safe material.  Meet FDA standard.
6. All concave and convex parts on the inner and outer surfaces of the machine adopt arc transition (R≥10mm), and the fastening does not use exposed screws to ensure that there is no dead corner and easy to clean.

Working Principle


Effervescent Tablet has advantages such as an improved taste and more gentle action in the stomach when compared with traditional pills. It also becomes more and more popular with patients.  But effervescent dosage is harder to make due to its larger size and complex production process.

It is common practice to add a lubricant in tablet compression. The function of the lubricant is to improve the flow of the material and to prevent tablets from sticking to the punches and dies. So magnesium stearate is very often used.  But in effervescent tablet production, magnesium stearate should not be used because they are insoluble in water. Strategies to overcome this problem are the use of other lubricants that are soluble in water (such as a mixture of spray-dried L-leucine and polyethylene glycol).

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Anti-Sticking Powder Sprayer Parameter

Model Powder Sprayer
Voltage 380v/3P/(3A socket)
Power kW 0.2KW
Overall size mm 710x512x1430
Required Air pressure 0-0.3MPa
Weight 100kg