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Tablet Dust Vacuum


Tablet Dust Vacuum- Tablet Deduster   

The tablet dust vacuum is auxiliary equipment to remove the dust generated during the tableting process. It is a by-product of all tablet production lines. The tablet deduster is widely used in medical, foodstuffs, chemical, and similar industries. It can meet the need for a rotary tablet compression machine, as well as the capsule filling machine. It is safe, GMP compliant.  The tablet deduster is simple to operate, strongly built to last for long service life.

Main Features 
Corrosion resistance: High-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy construction resist.

High capacity: the motor installed and power is strong and enough to be used with most types of tablet pressing machine.

Avoids powder contamination: it has been designed to guard against contaminating the powder it vacuums, therefore the collected powder can be safely reused in appropriate cases.

Easy to operate and maintain: This device integrates and combines easily with a tablet pressing machine for complete setup.

Low noise: A silencer mechanism is there to reduce noise output.

Options: Twin dust inlets to serve two machines if required

GMP compatible design


Tablet Dust Vacuum Parameter

Power Supply (v) 380/220v 3p
Power (kW) 1.1
Rate of Air Flow (m/h) 135
Vacuum (kPa) 16
Weight (kg) 72
Filter Area (cm2) 18000
Noise Level (db) 63
Capacity (L) 20