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Tablet Deduster


Tablet Deduster

The tablet deduster is to remove the dust left on the surface of the tablets generated by the tablet press machine and can be used with various types of tablet press machines. It has the advantages of high output efficiency, high powder removal rate, good sealing, low noise, and convenient use and maintenance. It can be used with a dust suction or blowing device, and the speed is continuously adjustable. Joysun powder remover is widely used in medicine, chemical, food, and other industries, and its performance indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products.

Main Features 

  • Comply with GMP design.
  • Adopt a double-layer sieve structure to effectively separate tablets and dust.
  • The screen adopts a V-shaped design, which can polish the tablets more effectively.
  • Amplitude and speed are continuously adjustable.
  • Simple operation and simple maintenance.
  • Smooth operation, low noise.


Tablet Deduster Parameter

Model 300 type  380 type 
Maximum output 550000 pcs/h 800,000 pcs/h
Maximum noise <82 dB <82 dB
Tablet Dedusting distance 3 m 3 m
Vacuum air pressure 0.2 MPa 0.2 MPa
power supply 220V/50Hz/50W 220V/50Hz/50W
Dimensions 410×410×880 mm 510×510×880 mm
Weight 34 kg 62 kg
The maximum output is based on the detection data of the φ6 wafer -12mm.