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Capsule Deblistering Machine|Separate Capsule from Blister Packing


Capsule Deblistering Machine

Automatic Capsule Deblistering Machine Application  

Such equipment is to separate the capsule from blister packing boards whether it is aluminum-plastic blister material or Alu/Alu laminated material.  Machine Characteristics
1. Good appearance, simple, easy to clean, user-friendly design, safe to use.
2. Fine 304 stainless steel raw material; using PU rollers, wear-resistant in long-term operation. Maximum protection of medicine from any secondary pollution.
3. The capsule de-blister machine has high precision. The capsules and tablets are completely discharged from the aluminum-plastic board, and the capsules and tablets will not be squeezed. The equipment has a long service life.
4. After the de-blistering process, there is a decapsulation machine to take the powder out from the capsule shell. 
5.The order of use of the capsule deblistering machine is after the blister machine or capsule filling machine.

Auto Deblistering Equipment Parameter

Automatic Deblistering Machine Models

Capsule Deblistering Machine Demo Video







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