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Capsule Decapsulation Machine|Capsule Segregator


Automatic Capsule Decapsulation Machine

Capsule Segregator|Capsule Disintegrator



Capsule Disintegrator Structure


Capsule Decapsulation Machine Usage

The automatic capsule disintegrator is equipment to separate disqualified capsules from one piece into a capsule cap and capsule body. So we can take out powder easily and dispose of powder and capsule shells in a proper way. Capsules are commonly used for encapsulating medication, and the decapsulation machine helps in the process of accessing the contents of the capsules. The machine typically employs a series of mechanical methods to break open the capsule shell while preserving the integrity of the enclosed material. This allows for further processing or analysis of the active ingredient inside the capsule.
So far, there are manual and semi-automatic types. Our capsule separation machine can automatically take capsules from the blister pack and then separate capsules into pieces to discharge powder. Such capsule powder recycling machines are simple and compact in design, very easy to use, and easy to clean and maintain.


Capsule Powder Recycling Machine Characteristics 

◆The multi-function type is fully made of stainless steel. 
◆The sieving device for powders and capsules is specially designed, and can be cleaned in a few minutes, meeting the requirements of “GMP”.
◆Suitable for size 00#-4# capsules for powder recycle.
◆The powder recycling rate can reach more than 99%.
◆Multifunctional machines with two functions(JSQF-800B), the capsule de-blistering, and the capsule segregation can be operated independently.



Capsule Decapsulation Machine Parameter