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Capsule Polisher|for Semi Auto Capsule Filler


Hard Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule Polisher Introduction

The capsule polisher is a special capsule polishing equipment that can effectively remove dust on the surface of the capsule, improve the finish, and eliminate static electricity. It is suitable for all types of capsules. Each part of this machine adopts a quick connection device that can be quickly disassembled, cleaned and connected. It is 360-degree adjustable and is extremely convenient and quick to install or clean. The use of DC speed regulation can withstand large starting torque and achieve low-noise operation. Equipped with a special feeder that can be connected to a fully automatic filling machine. The drug contact parts are made of 316L and fully comply with GMP standards. 



Capsule Polisher Parameter

Working capacity 150000 pcs/hour
Power supply 220V50Hz,2A,180W
Negative pressure 2.7m3/min -0.014MPa
Compressed air 0.25m3/min 0.3MPa
Overall dimension 800x550x1000mm
Machine weight 45Kg


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