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Capsule Polisher|Sorting Function


Auxiliary Devices for Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Polisher and Capsule Sorter

The capsule sorting and polishing machine is a new generation machine based on the original polishing machine. It has obvious advantages in function and structure. Not only brush the capsule to polish but also pick out the dis-qualified filled capsules. A piece of necessary auxiliary equipment for the capsule filling machines.  

We can link to different types of capsule filling machines. Small size, good looking, adjustable height, and angles.

Brush and bearing are easy quick removable. The brush hair strongly fix, will not fall off to damage capsules. A range of brush sizes is available for options.
Dis-qualified capsules with low weight, unfilled capsules,  scrap, and loosen pieces not enter the receiving box, collect elsewhere.
Using variable frequency motor and safety protection.
High-quality stainless steel is used inside the medicine- polishing chamber.


Capsule Polisher and Capsule Sorter Use Guide

  1. From the capsule filling machine, the filled capsules are fed into A.
  2. The turning brush brings capsules from B to C to the cylinder.
  3. Within the net cylinder brush D polishes and deducts the capsules. The loose pieces and fragments are retrieved by vacuum sucker E.
  4. The brush conveys the capsules to the outlet of cylinder F.
  5. In the sorter segment, G clean compressed air collects low-weight capsules; loose pieces, and fragments of capsules to H the collector.
  6. The pressure of the compressed air is shown on the filter decompressed valve meter I, which can be adjusted at different requirements.
  7. The qualified capsules are ejected from outlet J.


Capsule Polisher and Capsule Sorter Video

Ultra Fast Capsule Filling Machine:
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:


Capsule Polisher Parameter

Working capacity 150000 pcs/hour
Power supply 220V50Hz,2A,180W
Negative pressure 2.7m3/min -0.014MPa
Compressed air 0.25m3/min 0.3MPa
Overall dimension 800x550x1000mm
Machine weight 45Kg