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Vertical Capsule Polisher


Capsule Polisher
Vertical/with Empty Cap Rejection

Capsule Polisher Introduction

Vertical Capsule Polisher has functions of polishing capsules as well as uplifting capsules.  It can be connected with capsule filling machine of any model; its discharge port can connect with metal detectors and etc. This model can be used in a fully automatic capsule filling production line.

Capsule Polisher Feature

  • Better polishing result than horizontal type capsule polisher; meanwhile uplifting capsules to a higher position, so that it can connect with afterward capsule processing related equipment such as metal detector, weight checker and etc.
  • 360° circle adjustment for inlet and outlet to make production more convenient and save factory room; compact design, occupies small working space.
  • It sorts out much less filled capsules, non-filled empty capsules, fractured capsules, or cap-body separated ones during polishing.
  • all connection uses tri-clamps/fast-joint for easy installation and disassembly.
  • The contact part with the capsule is made of SUS316L, anti-corrosive.

Capsule Polisher Parameter

Working capacity 300000 pcs/hour
Power supply 220V50Hz, 1P, 200W
Negative pressure 3.0m3/min -0.014MPa
Compressed air 0.3m3/min 0.3MPa
Overall dimension 740x510x1500mm
Machine weight 75Kg

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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine: