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Vertical Capsule Polisher


Vertical Capsule Polisher

Capsule Polisher Introduction

Vertical capsule polishing machine has the dual functions of capsule polishing and lifting. The inlet of the machine can be connected to any model of capsule filling machine. The outlet can be used in conjunction with the plastic bag sorting device and metal inspection machine. Realize the on-machine production mode of polishing, lifting, sorting and testing. The machine adopts a number of new technologies and humanized design concepts.

Capsule Polisher Feature

  • It has the dual functions of polishing and lifting the capsule, leaving a high space for connecting subsequent equipment.
  • The inlet and outlet of the machine can be adjusted 360 degrees to facilitate production and save space.
  • The capsule sorting device can automatically sort out capsules that are lightly loaded, empty shells, fragments, and have separated body caps.
  • The entire machine adopts a quick-installation connection structure, making the disassembly and installation of the machine more convenient and faster.
  • The parts in contact with drugs are all made of 316L material or materials that meet the requirements of modern drug production.
  • The brush on the spindle is detachable and can be cleaned thoroughly. The entire machine can be cleaned without any dead ends and complies with GMP requirements.

Capsule Polisher Parameter

Working capacity 300000 pcs/hour
Power supply 220V50Hz, 1P, 200W
Negative pressure 3.0m3/min -0.014MPa
Compressed air 0.3m3/min 0.3MPa
Overall dimension 740x510x1500mm
Machine weight 75Kg

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